Class setup

Since we want to bring as much great classes as possible we combine the best of all worlds:

  • There are 3 classes on both days
  • Saturday there are 3 levels
    • The groups will have relative levels, meaning you will be assigned to a group with other dancers who have a similar experience level. You get one class from all the main teachers.
  • Sunday there are 3 x 3 different classes to pick from.
    • You choose from a variety of styles, for instance blues, fusion, tango, hip hop!


These are the wonderful dance teachers for the weekend!

Justin Riley, Portland US

Everywhere he goes he brings the party! Justin has helped the alternative blues scene grow for more than a decade and has been teaching his own vision and style in many places across the world. He’s continuously progressing his techniques and music styles, seeing partnered dancing as a ‘living, growing, and ever-evolving cultural art form’. As a community builder, Justin has been organizing alternative blues recess events for many years, connecting many people in these magical weekends. Let him transform your way of dancing!

Annette Kuhnle, Heidelberg DE

You will find this energetic, well known teacher from Germany teaching all over blues events in Europe, and for a reason! A class by her always inspires and brings all the best out of you. Annette will bring some grounded blues foundations, and teach some specific blues styles as well on sunday.

Flouer Evelyn, NYC US

This great dancer, teacher, and organizer from New York will be teaching in Europe this summer! Flouer has a professional dance background in many different dance styles, and has a long history of performing dance. Fusion dance is a big passion of hers, being ‘the ultimate in technique, partner connection, & creativity’. This weekend she will teach fusion dancing techniques, as well as specific topics.

Ezequiel Sanucci and Carolina Dorell, Amsterdam

Not only are they tango dancers, they also developed a contact improvisation style they call ‘contact tango’. Their classes will teach you some fancy tango moves to use in your fusion dances, and to improvise with tango movements.

Myriam Meret, Rotterdam

Myriam is originally from France and is a full-time dance teacher and performer living in Rotterdam. Her main styles are House Dance and Funk Styles, that she also combines with some Authentic- jazz and Tap heritage. She will teach a class on isolation and groove movements from hip hop, which will lend very well to use in fusion dance!

Vera Salvisberg, Zurich CH

The lovely Vera will teach a class about body awareness in dance. Vera believes that body awareness is the most important skill for dancers, because it brings joy of movement and freedom to express yourself, contributing to the dance conversation and giving a more direct way of experiencing and understanding your partner’s movement. She is a Franklin method® instructor, which is a method that aims to bring improved movement and a healthier function of the body and mind together, both for dancing and everyday life.